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I created Venture Glam to give my customers access to the top-quality skin care products that I love and use on a daily to create my look. Whether I am going to get a facial, or performing my own skincare routine at home, I love that I know the specific ingredients and the benefits of each product that’s used on my body. Doing so helps keep my skin looking and feeling soft.

Venture Glam is a Women-Owned business. Our main ingredients are sourced from Ghana. All handmade items are shipped from over country to ensure the unrefined items serves a purpose to replenish, heal, and restore your skin. My goal is to make everyone feel self-confident without using makeup every day. We should protect our skin to have a natural glow.

The skincare business was formed based on one essential item, expanding to other products that I offer. Azadirachta indica, used to treat various skin troubles, helps purifies all skin types. I am sharing natural components that can balance oil production, heal wounds, stimulate collagen formation, replenish, sooth moisture look, and reduce post-acne scars and minimize skin inflammation.

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